La Porte Junior High

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Mrs. Hill

Students and Parents, Welcome to my page!
This will be the location for much information about assignments, due dates, projects, and important announcements throughout the year. Please check the calendar and individual class pages for more information.
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Afternoons - Tuesdays and Thursdays: 3:50-4:45
Mornings - As needed - Students will need a pass for morning tutorials, so they will need to make arrangements with me.
Note: The purpose of tutorials is for students to get extra instruction on content that is difficult for them, or for students who have been absent to get information about what they missed in class. 

Recent Posts

7th Grade GT/Pre-AP

The Pearl by John Steinbeck: Final Assessment: A Critical Essay               

Life is full of unexpected events. Sometimes these events can alter our attitudes and our character;  In John Steinbeck’s The Pearl, you have read about a family that has experienced a traumatic and life-changing event.  In a well organized essay, with specific textual examples, answer the following question in regard to ONE of the main characters in The Pearl

In what ways can events in our lives shape our identities and the identities of those around us?