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7th Grade Math


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Welcome Back!!!!! Hope everyone had a great Christmas break.  Last week we started on writing and solving two step equations.  The following two assignments  were given:  Pg 255 #8-19, 21,24 & 26 and pg 248 #7-14.  Students will have their unit 5 test next Wednesday, January the 8th.  It will cover sections 8.1-8.4 which is in their math folder.  I available for tutoring this week on Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Unit Test on Friday

We will be having a unit test this Friday over probability.  The students started their test reviews today and will complete them tomorrow.  Please be sure they study for the test and they are welcomed to come for tutorials tomorrow.    Thank you.


Hello!! We have started a new grading period.  Report cards will be out soon.  These are the two assignments that have been assigned so far: Textbook pg 161 #13,14,16 &18, pg 167 #1-5, pg. 181 and pg 182.

Report Cards

We are approaching report card time!!!  I gave my students a detailed report with all of their grades and missing assignments on it, last week.  I have reminded them that grades are due at the end of the week.  Please email me if your have any questions.  I will be inputting a few more grades before Friday. 

Week of Oct. 26-30

Hello, hope everyone stayed dry and safe over the weekend.  Here is some current information for this upcoming week.
  • Students were given the following assignment, pg 125 # 9,11,12,14 and 15,  on Friday.  This is one of the rare times students will be given homework on a Friday.  I do not mind giving students an extra day to turn in, but do not want them to get behind. 
  • We are scheduled to have a test this Friday on unit 2 module 4.  It covers sections 4.1-4.4, which students now have in their folders that they are to keep in their backpacks.  I gave students folders last week with the purpose of tearing out the current unit and allowing them to have this material, on hand, at all times.  We will review for the test on Thursday and students will be given a test review, please be sure your student studies at home.
If you have any questions please feel free to email or call me.   


The students will have a unit test this Friday.  They will start on a test review tomorrow (Wednesday) and finish it on Thursday.  I am requiring a signature on the test review so parents can verify that the review is complete and that the student studied.  This will be for a grade. Thank you. 

Hello parents and students.  Due to recovery from a procedure I had on Friday, I was unable to return until today.  The students were given the four assignments (not for homework, they were given as class work) to work on while I was out:
  • Conversion packet
  • Percent increase and decrease packet
  • Guided practice (in the textbook) pg 94
  • Guided practice (in the textbook) pg 100
These well be taken for a grade.  I reviewed with students today and will review with them tomorrow.  I told students to turn these in by next Tuesday (10/13/15).  I feel this will give them enough time to finish and not overwhelm them.  By next Tuesday, they will have had over a week to work on these. 
Our next test is next Friday.  I will have tutorials on next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 
Here is the link to the online version of our textbook .  Last week while students were testing, I took up their journals and wrote their log ins in their journals.  Absent students and students without journals did not get theirs.  Please email me if you are needing the log in. 

Access to online textbook

It was brought to my attention that the logons to the online math textbook were not valid.  I have enrolled the students and have written the logons in their math journals.  With this access, you can access examples, the homework, tutorials and more.  The website is  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Test on Tuesday!!!! Students will be given a test review to study.

We will review in class but please be sure the students study at home as well.