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Mrs. Hill

Students and Parents, Welcome to my page!
This will be the location for much information about assignments, due dates, projects, and important announcements throughout the year. Please check the calendar and individual class pages for more information.
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Afternoons - Tuesdays and Thursdays: 3:50-4:30
Mornings - As needed - Students will need a pass for morning tutorials, so they will need to make arrangements with me.
Note: The purpose of tutorials is for students to get extra instruction on content that is difficult for them, or for students who have been absent to get information about what they missed in class. 

Recent Posts

Work from 1/29-2/2 - If you were absent on these days, see me to get work that is not posted on this webpage. 

Classwork 1/22-1/23 Steinbeck Literary Analysis Assignment

This in-class assignment was given in class on 1/22 and class time was given for completion on 1/23.
Here are the instructions
You should have used your reader's notebook guidelines for the quotes and then there were questions to answer out of the textbook. 
  • Read on your own p.160 - 168.​
  • While you are reading locate two quotes from each passage that stand out to you. Write them on a sheet of paper using your readers notebook guidelines. Write down the quotes and fill in your responses. Make sure to include the author and page number for each quote. ​
  • On a separate sheet of paper, answer the following questions on page 169:​
  • Reading Skill: Author's Purpose #1 & 2​
  • Literary Analysis: Author's Style: #3 & 4​

Classwork 1/24 - Venn Diagram and Quick Write

Classwork for 1/24 - Due by Friday 1/26
  • Venn Diagram and Quick Write over letters from Steinbeck and Travels with Charley.​ (textbook pp. 161-168)
  • Do the following on a sheet of notebook paper​
  • Venn Diagram – create a Venn Diagram over the letters from Steinbeck and Travels with Charley. ​
  • Quick Write – Write 200 - 250 words comparing the two passages. Include a topic sentences, supporting details with text evidence, and a concluding thought. ​
Come to tutorials if you need more time to complete the work. 
Mornings this week are with Mrs. Keim.
Afternoons are with me. 

Classwork 1/23 - Rhetorical Strategies - Travels with Charley

In-class assignment 1/23 - You were to use the SOAPStone rhetorical strategies handout to analyze Travels with Charley. This assignment will be counted late if not submitted by Friday 1/26.
Come to tutorials if you need additional time to complete it. 
Mornings this week are with Mrs. Keim. 
Afternoons are with me. 

Novel ABC's and Plot Diagram

For the ABC's assignment, write a statement about the Fever1793 novel for each letter of the alphabet. (was originally quotes from the book)
Plot diagram - Create a plot diagram for Fever 1793 - include exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution.