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Welcome Bullpup Scientists! 
 We are attempting all kinds of  Science here at La Porte Junior High School. Our year focuses on 4 strands: Matter and Energy; Force, Motion, and Energy; Earth and Space; Organisms and the Environment! I'm looking forward to a PAWsome year with your students.  We will work hard this year.  We will also have lots of fun while learning new things!  

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La Porte Junior High Science Fair - 8th grade GT and Pre AP

We will hold judging and parent night on 1/15/19 from 4-6.   Please join us.

alfred wegener ppt

Thursday, November 1, 2018
Next page in your journal: Title: Alfred Wegener/Continental Drift Notes:  
Watch the video on Continental Drift ( and use the Power Point below to answer the following  questions in your journal.  Write the question and answer. Show your teacher when you finish.  
  1. Who was Alfred Wegener?
  2. Where was he born? 
  3. What did he discover?
  4. What is the theory of Continental Drift?
  5. What is the large landmass (all the continents joined together) called? 
  6. What are the 5 pieces of evidence that he gathered for his Continental Drift Theory? 
    • List out the 5 pieces of evidence
  7. What was the problem with his theory?
  8. What happened to Wegener? 
Review Game Zone:
When you have completed Alfred Wegener/Continental Drift Notes, you can play games at review game zone. Click this link to review Earth’s Layers and Continental Drift.
Other sites are NOT allowed.  If you are finished, you may work on the map activity or the fill in the boxes sheet we started last week.  BOTH are due on FRIDAY!!!