La Porte Junior High

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Girls Athletics

Every student in girls athletics or PE will have to purchase their uniform through my school store.  The uniform will be shipped to me and I will distribute the uniforms to the girls.  It will be the student's responsibility to keep up with their clothes.  Laundry service will be provided, but the student can take it home to launder it themselves.  A locker will be provided to every student enrolled in athletics or PE.
The store will open August 1 and remain open until August 20. Please follow the link below to purchase your daughter's practice clothes for athletics or PE. 
For Summer Camp information, look at my attached documents. 
1st day of Volleyball tryouts will be the 2nd day of school.  The student MUST have a physical on file BEFORE tryouts begin in order to try out.   
Students not in athletics can still try out for a sport as long as they have a physical on file BEFORE tryouts begin. If the student makes the team, we will try to get her schedule changed so that she will be in athletics.

If your daughter makes a team during that sport's tryouts then Volleyball games will be held on Thursdays and basketball games on Wednesdays. Games begin at 4:30 PM. Volleyball and Basketball will have 9 games and at least 1 tournament. Cross Country, Track, and Tennis all have 4 meets each.
Your daughter is expected to be at every game for the sport that she is involved in.

Sports that we have at LPJH:

Volleyball (End of August-October)

Cross Country (November-December)

Basketball (November-February)

Tennis (February-March)

Track (February-March)

Soccer (April-May)
Every girl in athletics will try out for 5 sports.  1.) Volleyball  2.) Basketball  3.) Cross country (must run 2 of the 4 meets) 4.) She can choose 2 of the following to fulfill the 4th and 5th sport- Tennis, Track, Soccer 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me.


Kristina Edwards

La Porte Junior High Girls Athletic Coordinator/PE