Behavior Support Program

BSP Team:

Monica Martinez - Behavior Support Teacher

Amanda Alberson - Behavior Support Paraprofessional

Viridiana Villarreal - Behavior Support Paraprofessional


What is BSP?

BSP is designed to serve special education students who have been identified as having serious emotional and/or behavior problems, typically associated with but not limited to Emotional Disturbances or Other Health Impairment, that interfere with their ability to be successful in the general education setting.


BSP Purpose:

To provide support as well as in-depth individualized instruction in the areas of challenging behaviors, and social and emotional development.


BSP Goals:

To allow students to succeed academically, and become more self -sufficient, and function appropriately in the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE).


BSP Process:

PHASE 1: Preplacement → PHASE 2: Orientation → PHASE 3: Inclusion & Mainstream → PHASE 4: Aftercare



The monitoring system provides the BSP student and the general education teacher a simple procedure for regulating behavior during class and allows the BSP Specialist to monitor the student without interrupting the classroom.


The BSP Specialist instructs the BSP student and the general education teacher on the monitoring system before the BSP student enters the general classroom.