La Porte Junior High

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Welcome :)

Welcome! I am so excited to be your 7th Grade Pre-AP Math or Math Acceleration teacher. We are going to have a fabulous year. Come ready to learn and ready to LOVE math :)
This is my 6th year teaching, currently my third year at La Porte Junior High. I love working with students and am going to do everything in my power to help them be successful not just in math but in every aspect of life.
My Classroom Expectations:
1: Be PROMPT: be on time to class and begin working on warm up upon entrance into class.
2. Be PREPARED: come to class with your supplies (interactive notebook, agenda, AVID binder, pencil, paper)
3. Be PRODUCTIVE: I only have you sweet babies for 48 minutes each day, we have LOTS to do so I need you focused and on task at all times.
4. Be PATIENT: Wait respectfully and calmly for your turn.
5. Be POLITE: We treat all teachers and students in the classroom with respect (no bullying will be tolerated at all).
These MUST be brought to class EVERYDAY!
Interactive notebook (You can take it home it also may be left in class if there is no HW, QUIZ or TEST)
Agenda (You will be writing in this everyday - it is also your restroom/water break pass **WE WILL PROVIDE**)
AVID 3' binder with dividers (you will be getting a grade on your binder every 6 weeks - you will also keep your daily warm ups here)
Pencil ( NO PENS, I take off points)
Extra Supplies:
Parents, IF you are feeling generous I will always accept extra pencils for my babies who forget them sometimes, loose leaf paper to show our work, tissue boxes for those sniffles, hand sanitizer to get rid of those nasty germs, copy paper to help us create fun stuff and foldables.