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Hello students and parents, and welcome to 7th grade Writing! I am thrilled to be your teacher this year, and even more excited for you as we develop your writing skills!


Core Principles:
Metacognition is a must (think about your thinking!)
Every student can make progress at any time, regardless of ability level (this means you!)
Parental involvement helps ensure student success (stay informed!)


I am a huge fan of “gentle” reminders, so I want to invite student AND PARENTS to receive updates on deadlines and general minutia involved in our day-to-day process.


Here’s how: Text the message @msbwriting to the number 81010.




This class will focus on the writing standards required by the state of Texas. See below for the writing focus for each grading period (GP):

1st GP: Personal Narrative & Poetry

2nd GP: Personal Narrative & Fiction

3rd GP: Expository & Letters

4th GP: Expository, Persuasive, & Personal Narrative

5th GP: Expository & Personal Narrative

6th GP: Research Projects

This is not an exhaustive list, and it is subject to change. As your writing skills develop, we revisit genres to integrate more of what we learn to improve your work and develop your writing voices.


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For your assignment today, please read and summarize this article. You will turn your summary in using the Teams app. If you have questions on how to access this, you may ask a classmate, but do not disrupt Dr. Liburd's class.