La Porte Junior High

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Welcome parents and students!
I am excited to be your 7th Grade Pre-AP ELA, ELA, or Writing teacher.  Come ready to learn, read, and write.
This is my first year teaching at La Porte Junior High, but I am no stranger to LPISD as I graduated from LPHS in 2009 before receiving my B.A. from St. Edward's University('13) and my M.F.A from Boston University('15). 
I decided it was time to come home in order to share my passion for writing and reading with the students of La Porte. My goal for students is to help them become successful, not just in the classroom, but in every aspect of life in hopes that they'll find the same opportunities I have after graduating from La Porte. 
Classroom Expectations
Be on time to class and begin writing in planner once finding your assigned seat. 
come to class with your supplies (composition notebook, Planner, AVID binder, pencil/pen, paper)
We only have students for 48 minutes every day, so it's vital that we stay focused and on task at all times to ensure that we finish crucial classroom instruction. 
Wait respectfully and calmly for your turn by raising your hand.
We treat all teachers and students in the classroom with respect (no bullying will be tolerated at all).
These MUST be brought to class EVERYDAY!
Composition/Spiral notebook 
or at least notebook paper as we will write every day in class.
Planner (School Provided)
You will be writing in this everyday, and it will be graded every week. It is also your restroom pass!
AVID 3'' binder with dividers 
You will be getting a grade on your binder every 6 weeks - you will also keep your daily warm ups here)
You can't write without one of these! Though a pencil is preferential, a pen will work as well.

My Schedule: 

1st Period 8:25 – 9:13 (ELA

2nd Period 9:17 – 10:05(Writing)

3rd Period 10:09 – 10:57(Writing)

4th Period 10:59 – 12:35(PAP

A Lunch 10:59 – 11:29 

B Lunch 11:32 – 12:02 

C Lunch 12:05 – 12:35 

5th Period 12:39 – 1:09 

6th Period 1:13 – 2:01 (Conf.)

7th Period 2:05 – 2:53(PAP

8th Period 2:57 – 3:45(ELA)


Contact Information: 


Phone: 281.604.6621


Tutorial Hours: